Instant profit, fastest growing.

Help Increase efficiency 3 times with the same cost.

  • Managing focus on strategy.
  • Measure, improve performance in real time.
  • Data-driven decision making, development focused on productivity and efficiency.

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No strategy, governance vain. What is your strategy?

Does your company have the following problems?

  • No strategy, no governance strategy.
  • In efficient operation, not measuaring work results.
  • Distributed data information system, which does not help to make business decisions in real time.
  • Employees are not motivated to work, because there is no timely evaluation and recognition.
  • Poor competitiveness, overwhelmed by competitors.

80% of businesses do not improve productivity and efficiency because they cannot be measured.


How to successfully Digital Transformation?

One centralized comprehensive management software platform is the key to success.


Strategy Management Software

Help formulate and implement a professional strategy, set up strategic initiatives, and budget for implementation. Monitoring, measurement and warning in real time.


Performance Management Software

Easy measurement system setup. Admin, improve performance in real time. Measure and evaluate results across all levels from companies, units and individuals.


Task management Software

Automating work assignments from company, unit and individual levels. Management promotes the fastest completion of work with the highest results.


Workflow Process Management Software

Dynamic and easy process definition. Establish intelligent process steps to optimize labor productivity. Efficient process, efficient operation.


Human Resource Management Software

Automation of activities, interaction revolves around employees. All activities from recruiting, training, using, evaluating achievements, commendation and remuneration are designed interconnected, highly effective.


Customer Management Software

The system helps promote customer experience management and automation of customer development processes. Integrating modern sales channels with real-time centralized data.


Financial Management Software

Helps to plan and organize the implementation of financial strategies like leading experts.The system integrates the overall business processes and tools to help automate excellent financial management.


Information Manage Software

Consistent, personalized information and communication to each employee. Effective management of each message, news, orders, directives to each employee, without Email.

How to work smarter, more effectively, and measure results?



KPIBSC is Digital Transformation Platform focusing on Strategy, Performance with a single platform by the power of AI, BIG DATA, combining business processes throughout from planning, executing, measuring, Improve with functions of BSC, KPI, CRM, HRM, WORKFLOW, FM.

Set up

The software helps to automate the setting up of KPI system to measure performance, work from company level to departments.


Automatic data collection to measure job performance, operations from the aggregate staff level to the unit and company level.


Calculate performance by smart algorithms. Reported, Dashboard assesses real-time growth performance results.

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How does KPIBSC software help your business improve performance?

  • Set up a KPI system with all indicators, weights and evaluation scales.
  • Assigned to the departments, units responsible for implementation.
  • All employees in the company have their own performance evaluation criteria.
  • Report measuring results, jobs by frequency of week, month, quarter, 6 months, year.
  • Based on the results of the Employee Performance Assessment, the level of performance improvement to pay KPI, considering bonuses based on achievements.

99.99% of the company have improved working results and performance within 1 month of application.

"What is measurable can be improved ..."

More than 20,000 partners have worked hard to improve our work efficiency and productivity.

10 benefits KPIBSC platform brings your Company when used.

  1. Save time.
  2. Cost optimization.
  3. Increase profits.
  4. Turn the Company into a customer-centric model.
  5. Have a strategy of excellence, implement a strategy to make a difference and be effective.
  6. Application of artificial intelligence (AI) in corporate governance
  7. Promote the Company to become an organization of learning and innovation, able to adapt to the best and fastest changes to survive and lead.
  8. Developing high-quality human resources to converge digital, to welcome Industry 4.0.
  9. Data-based execution management and intelligent algorithms help make decisions at the right time and with the right audience.
  10. Increase competitiveness by focusing on fast digital transformation, an AI-focused strategy, capable of making a difference and innovating superior compared to rivals.

Provide diverse service models

Leasing, subscribing according to operational scale, sector.

  • 15$/User
  • 1 Month
  • Startup, SME
  • Minimum of 10 employees
  • Online training
  • Sample KPI set for 4 Departments/ departments
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  • 12$/User
  • 1 Month
  • Small and medium companies
  • From 100 employees or more
  • Direct training
  • Sample KPI set for 7 Departments/ departments
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Why are some companies operating in crisis and recovering from crisis better than competitors?

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KPIBSC là phần mềm 5 trong 1: Quản lý chiến lược + Quản lý Hiệu suất + Quản lý KPI + Quản lý công việc + Đánh giá thành tích nhân viên + Trả lương KPI, lương 3P? Platform is the world’s best AI startup companies.?

Top 10 AI Startups Artificial Intelligence Global Index Platform?

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Công ty Phần mềm sáng tạo tốt nhất Việt Nam?

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thẻ điểm cân bằng là gì??

Balanced ScoreCard là gì??

Ứng dụng KPI Balanced ScoreCard?

Phần mềm KPI là gì?

“Phần mềm KPI (KPI software) là phần mềm giúp doanh nghiệp có thể thiết kế hệ thống chỉ tiêu hiệu suất trọng yếu, cập nhật số liệu cho các chỉ tiêu và trình bày báo cáo thực hiện dưới dạng chỉ tiêu hoặc báo cáo tổng hợp (dashboard).”

Phần mềm KPI thường cần kết nối với các hệ thống quản lý doanh nghiệp khác như DMS, CRM hay quản lý sản xuất, nhân sự để có thể từ cập nhật số liệu đầu vào cho các chỉ tiêu KPI, hoặc kết xuất đầu ra (kết quả đánh giá KPI) cho mục tiêu tính lương, thưởng trên hệ thống quản lý nhân sự.

Phần mềm KPIs (KPI software) tốt phải đáp ứng 6 tiêu chí sau:

Với thiết kế đẹp, thân thiện, tính năng phong phú, khả năng tùy biến cao, Phần mềm KPI (KPI software) của được thiết kế qua sự hợp tác giữa các chuyên gia tư vấn quản lý hàng đầu với các chuyên gia công nghệ, hứa hẹn sẽ mang đến cho cộng đồng doanh nghiệp một giải pháp hữu ích. | Business Management Software | Business Management Software